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Faithful in the Fall

on April 15, 2014
The kids were excited.
We had just piled into the car for a surprise.
It wasn’t long until we opened our mini-van door in the roller rink parking lot and got out.
Once inside the kids quickly got their skates on.
After several minutes on the rink, my son’s enthusiasm began to fade just a bit.
He had fallen more than a few times and was ready to give up.
He realized falling just hurt too much, so he resigned himself to skate on the carpet just beside the rink.
I skated over to him and tried to get him to come on the rink with me. He wouldn’t budge. “The carpet hurts less Mom, let’s skate here.”, he said. 
I skated on the carpet with him because sometimes it is just good to meet people where they are at.
Soon we were racing in our little carpeted world.
We even danced a little.
Things were going great.
Then I decided to take him on the rink for a moment.
He followed me with caution.
His feet slowly moved out onto the rink.
His eyes suddenly widened. every ounce of courage he had mustered up dissipated.
He turned to leave the rink.
His legs began to spread out under him.
He fell sideways and hit his ear on the corner of the brick barrier that stood between the rink and the carpet.
I took him to sit on a nearby bench.
He looked at me with an “I’m never skating again” grimace on his face.
I looked at him with eyes that knew.
I know what it is like to muster up my courage.
I know what it is like to bravely step out on shaky legs and I know what is to fail.
I sat with him for a moment because at times like these, it is best to remain silent.
In my silent state, something hit my heart.
“This boy needs to practice falling.”, I thought.
As I stood up, I began to fake fall in my best slap stick style.
I stumbled all over the place.
Soon, Daniel and I were laughing so hard that his ear became a distant memory.
Each time I fell, I included a little pointer on how to fall so it didn’t hurt quite so much.
Soon he was skating again, not nearly as afraid as he was before.
He had learned how to fall.
Maybe I need to practice the art of falling, too.
If I expect that at times I will fall, maybe I can do it with a little more grace. Maybe I can even give a little more grace to others when they fall. 
In what area could you use a little bravery?
What have you learned from failure?
Please feel free to share. You might just encourage someone today.

One response to “Faithful in the Fall

  1. Bethany says:

    Beautifully written. What insight. I think that God has the same idea. He let’s is fall so we can grow. What beauty in knowing that He will not always rescue us, but instead sees the bigger picture and works all things to our good. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

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