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The Wall

on April 15, 2014
The Magnificent Moms series begins tomorrow!!
To kick off this series, I thought I would re-post this in my blog. I hope you enjoy it.
Tomorrow’s guest blogger, Betsi Smith, will be blogging about “The Stepmother Dilemma”.
Be sure to join us!
One day I was having a tough time with my particularly strong willed child.
This letter was the result of a talk I had with my daughter.
Dear precious child,
There are a few things I want you always to remember:
 You are my child. 
 I am your wall.
Walls stand firm.
Walls don’t move.
I stand firm in my love for you.
My love for you won’t “move” either.
It doesn’t shift based on your behavior.
I will never, ever stop loving you.
Remember that.
Let those words never leave your heart.
I… will… never… stop… loving… you.
Walls are boundaries that define the space in which a person may live.
Because I am your parent I will define the boundaries in which you may live.
As you get older I will help you create healthy boundaries for yourself.
But for now you will have to trust me.
I have your best interests at heart, even when it doesn’t feel like it.
When you run into a wall, it hurts doesn’t it?
It will hurt when you when you decide to break the boundaries I have set for you.
This is called discipline. 
Walls protect.
They keep you dry when its wet.
Warm when its cold.
They keep you safe from storms.
That’s my job, too. 
My child, you live in a world that shows too many things too quickly to your innocent eyes.
I promise to protect you from growing up too fast.
You are a child.
Have fun!
Enjoy your innocence.
Once you lose that, it can not be regained.
It’s a precious gift.
I promise to do my best to protect you from things you are not yet ready for. 
I promise to let you try new things and make mistakes.
That’s what life is about.
Just know, precious child, that you are welcome and cherished here.
These walls are your home.
Parents, what is the main thing you would want your kids to know if you wrote a letter to them?
If you could write a letter to a parent what would you want them to know?

4 responses to “The Wall

  1. grammy2118 says:

    another one for your book!

  2. apdawn2000 says:

    Thank you, grammy 2118. What do you think is the most important thing you taught your child?

  3. Hollie Perry says:

    Beautifully stated.
    I think the most important thing to teach our children is that our Father in Heaven is a Father that wants us to KNOW Him & that He is readily available AT ALL TIMES.
    I want them to see the Word as easy to understand and relevant for their lives & I want them to desire a relationship with Him thru His Word.
    I believe every parent needs to know this is the most important thing our Father wants us to do with His little gifts He’s entrusted us with… His children, on loan to us… We’ve got a job to do… To teach them so they may return to Him.

  4. apdawn2000 says:

    I totally agree, Hollie. I think in many ways God is saying to me what I’ve said in this wall post. His love for us is like this and beyond.

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