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Is it the real thing? What would you do with 30 Million Dollars?

on April 24, 2014



I stood across from 30 million dollars this weekend.

Yep, that’s right…thirty...milliondollars.

Do you know what I could do with 30 million dollars?

It would probably involve a maid, a chef, unlimited massages, and a private jet.


I bet you know what you could do with it, too.

I could not believe I was standing across from real money!

All I wanted to say was” get out of that case and get into my purse please!”  


My family and I went to the money museum in Kansas City.

It was amazing to see all that money.

Seriously, where else can you stand across from millions of dollars?


Know what amazed me even more?

The people who worked with that money.

I can’t even imagine the temptation involved!
Part of the examiners’ training includes identifying counterfeits.


How do they train?

They spend time with the money.

LOTS of time.

They spend hours upon hours in a room studying a real bill, so they can quickly see the difference as they go through so much money everyday.

I can’t remember how much money they examine each day, but I do know that they find four to five counterfeits.

It must be like looking for a needle in a haystack for the untrained eye.

For the trained eye, the fake is obvious.
Lies are thrown at me everyday that look exactly like truth.

They come from friends, media, social media, co-workers, family and even my own mind.

They look so real.

How do I keep from buying into them?

I spend time with the real thing.

I train my spiritual eye.

I want to see that needle!

Diabetics often have their feet checked because if they step on something, they may not notice.

If  their feet go unchecked they could have something embedded in their foot that results  in a life threatening infection.

That’s why I can’t go lots of days without spending time with God.

When I pray, read his word, and spend time with Godly friends, God pulls the stuff out that is embedded in my mind.

He shows it to me.

He quickly stops an infection that begins in my mind, but could spread to every area of my life.

That’s why I check in regularly with God.

I soak myself in His word.

I think on it all day.

You know the difference between the word “WORD” and the word “WORLD”?

Can you find it?

One little letter.

Just one little harmless letter.

It is the letter “L”.

“L” stands for lies.


There are no lies in God’s word.

It contains only truth.


One tiny little thing that sounds right can be a complete lie.

Want to test this.

Look for “God helps those who help themselves” in the bible.


Maybe I should stay away from all that day dreaming about 30 million dollars.

After all  “Money is the root of all evil”.

The bible does say that, right?





4 responses to “Is it the real thing? What would you do with 30 Million Dollars?

  1. Strange really as it’s only paper. Man made earthly symbolism of what success is. And no I wouldn’t mind a bit more of that man made symbolism in my pocket either! Give unto Caesar what is Caesars and all that.

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