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Dear Temptation

on May 3, 2014

Dear Temptation,

My door was open.

You walked in.


Not a guest.

Not a friend.



Dear Temptation,

Now I am inviting you.

Have a seat and listen.

Listen hard and listen well.

I once held you dear.

I couldn’t see the road to hell.

The smokescreen you used to cover your lies.

No, I couldn’t see without spiritual eyes.



Dear Temptation,

I fell for you.

I fell  hard.

You made me think I was missing out.

You made me think you’d make it all better.

All you brought  was destruction and doubt.

That’s why I’m writing you this letter.



Dear Temptation,

You have no place here.

So take your doubt and all your fear.

It’s not mine to keep.

It belongs to you.

You should have known.

Your shame means nothing.

A child of God is never alone.

My Jesus stands and fights for His own.


Dear Temptation,

The lies you spread.

The secrets you hold can’t keep me locked away.

I won’t live in fear.

No matter what you say.

I won’t dread.

My God is living.

Yours is dead.

My God is more than you’ll ever be.

Leave now and never come back!

My God is here and I’m set free!



Whatever temptation you face, God is bigger!

Think of a daughter dancing with her father.

She stands on top of her Dad’s feet.

The child doesn’t know how to dance, but the father leads her on the dance floor where she needs to go.

She doesn’t have to have all the right steps.

All she has to do is trust.


(Magnificent Moms in May will continue on Monday with my special guest, Barbara Newell. She will be sharing with us about being a working mother and sending kids off to college.)




2 responses to “Dear Temptation

  1. Hollie Perry says:

    That was beautiful April.

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