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Block Party

on May 29, 2014


Today, I just feel like I’m just not enough. It’s a familiar feeling. I’m always so busy looking at the other side of my fence, wishing I had that grass. I see the perfectly manicured lawn of another. My own life seems imperfect, messy and just plain ackward in comparison.

A thought occurs to me as I gaze across the way. I may see that perfect lawn, but I don’t know what goes on in that house. I don’t know anything about their life. Even if they are a close friend, I can’t see inside their heart. If I want what someone else has, would I be willing to take all of what they have? Would I be prepared to deal with their past, their present ,and their future? Could I hold their secrets, their burdens, their temptations, and their failures as well as their successes in my heart? Would I be willing to let go of everything I have?

Looking at social media is a lot like looking at a perfectly manicured lawn. It’s an illlusion. It’s what I present myself to be, but it’s not me. There is so much more to me than pictures and words on a computer screen. It’s a great place to have chats with friends and I enjoy looking at posts. It’s also a great place to compare myself to others. It can be the perfect climate to cultivate loneliness and that “less than” feeling. Is that really what I want growing in my yard? Social media has it’s place. So do I.

I have a place because God is making a place for me.

I have a place because God made a place for me when he formed me in the womb.

I have a place because Jesus took my place.

I stop gazing across that fence.

I put down the computer.

I drop the comparisons.

I look in front of me.

I see what I already have.

It makes me drop to my knees in praise.

It fills my heart with gratefulness.

It restores my joy.

My hope is renewed.

I know what I hold.

How could I so easily forget?

My family.

My friends.

This love.

This life.

Love has saved me.

Love flows through me.

Love surrounds me.

My lawn is suddenly a brilliant green. All I want to do is play in it, to dance, dwell in it, and to soak in it’s beauty. I can no longer see the fence that separates me from others. I want them to join in this celebration of life, too. I want what once was a pity party, to become a block party. I want to knock the fences that separate and compare down and let the fabulous love of God flood us all! I want to drink up His love on this hot summer day and pass on a cold cup of his love to someone suffering in the “heat” of this life. I want them to join me in being quenched by the water of  His bottomless love.

So my friends, who’s ready for a block party? Woot! Woot!

Let’s celebrate all we have today and just let tomorrow handle itself.


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