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Special Delivery

on June 1, 2014
I must admit, I get a little giddy when I see a delivery truck coming down the road.
When that truck stops in front of my house, sometimes I get that Christmasy kind of feeling.
I can’t wait to rip into that box!
There are some boxes however that are dangerous to open.
My husband belongs to a club that regularly sends things to our home.
If I open this kind of box by mistake, it costs me something.
If I open it, I buy it, so I quickly hand these off to my husband.
I let him decide if the contents of the box will be beneficial to him.
Luckily, each box has on envelope on the front with a sheet of paper in it that describes its contents and a bill.
Many times boxes leave our house just as quickly as they came with a message hand-scrawled on the front.
My husband will mark them, “Not Accepted” or “Return to Sender”, so he won’t have to pay for something he doesn’t want.
Have you ever ordered from a company or belonged to a club that kept sending you unwanted stuff?
I get packages that tempt me to open them all the time.
They aren’t the physical kind like my husband gets.
These packages are delivered straight to my heart and mind a thousand times a day.
Some I never signed off on, others I willingly let in.
My thoughts are like deliveries being made into to giant warehouse of my soul.
It’s hard to track the constant barrage of my thoughts and where they are taking me.
I need a manager to stand at the door of my warehouse and take inventory.
My soul without good management becomes so disorganized making it easy to trip over uninvited packages and get hurt.
 I need a manager to stand at that door with a big stamp that says, “Not Accepted.”
Just because a delivery comes, I am not obligated to accept it.
Some things do not need to be opened to know that I will pay a price for them.
These are usually negative thoughts, comparison to others, and things that just plan don’t line up with the word of God.
My manager has another stamp.
I think it may be my favorite!
It’s called “Return to Sender”.
I use this stamp when I look at a thought closely and begin to realize it’s not from me at all.
It’s that voice of my coach in 8th grade who told me I’d never be good enough to make the team.
It’s that person I looked up to.
The one who told me who I should be.
I know if I open these boxes the price will be too high.
The most expensive boxes are usually the ones I didn’t even ask for.
I know if I open these boxes, I will lose part of me, so my manager quickly marks them “Return to Sender” and sends them right on out the door.
What deliveries will you accept to the warehouse of your soul today?
What deliveries will you leave on the doorsteps of others?
Ask God to help you manage your heart today.

Proverbs 4:23

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

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