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Invisible Danger: How do you protect your kids?

on June 9, 2014


Oh, yes Murphy’s Law was at work today!

My children and I had been out for the day.

We came back home.

I sat in the car for a moment listening to voicemails.

The kids went inside.

After a bit, my daughter came out to the car.

“Mom, you won’t believe what happened! The dogs didn’t get put outside. They were in the house the WHOLE time we were gone!”

(This is the equivalent of letting 2 two year olds have the run of the house while you are gone!)

I jumped out of the car and sprinted inside.

Silverware, taken from the empty dishwasher, was spread all over the house.

Anything, the dogs could find to get into was randomly strewn across the floor.

“What is that smell?”, I thought to myself.

I looked at the gas stove.

The knob for the burner had been turned on.

There was no fire lit, so gas had been freely released into the air for quite some time.

My kids had been inside around something dangerous.

I had not known it.


I told them to leave the house.

We called the fire department to ask if it was okay to go in the house.

A few minutes later firefighters arrived.

The house was cleared.

We were able to go back in, just in time get our things and run off to our daughter’s practice.


During her practice, I began talking with other moms.

Internet safety seemed to be our topic of the night.

How do we keep our kids safe from the unseen dangers?

Recently, I read about two young girls killing someone because of influence on the internet.

My daughter may not be influenced to kill another person just because something she sees on the net, but viewing things without filters, restrictions and direct adult supervision can kill her soul.

We immunize our children.

We use preventative measures because we don’t want them to get a disease that can harm them and spread to others, yet we allow our children to have cell phones and computers without direct supervision.

How does this make any sense?


I know in our family we need to do more.

For now, we talk about restrictions, we only have computers in public areas of our home, and most internet content for the kids is played on our tv in our living room, so all can see it.

What do you do to protect your family?

Have you had conversations about the internet?

Feel free to share any links that might be helpful on this topic. (I will look at them before I post them.)



One response to “Invisible Danger: How do you protect your kids?

  1. Hollie Perry says:

    Wow! Doggone it! 😉 … Well I sure am glad your kids weren’t harmed. As for internet influences… I’ve got an 18 yr old son, 10 yr old & 7 yr old girls… With iPods, phones, computers… It’s hard to keep them in a bubble… I teach if what you see makes you feel your doing wrong… You’re best to turn it off. That’s not fool proof but it’s all I’ve got. My son asked me to put a password on the computer at 16 as he was too tempted to use it for bad… We did that but told him he will forever be tempted & he’d be better to pray & ask God to help him. Thanks for your fun blog April!

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