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The Glow of Friendship

Last night my daughter had a sleepover to celebrate her 11th birthday.

Lots of girls, lots of cake, lots of laughter, and lots of fear.

Yep, that’s right.

The girls had fun most of the night until late night paranoia set in.

Suddenly someone heard heavy breathing followed by lots of gurgling.

I watched as they tried a variety of methods to make the sound stop.

They decided to change the room they slept in.

That didn’t work.

Maybe if they tried switching around the spots they slept in the sound would stop.

That didn’t work either.

I tried to explain that they were just hearing the sounds of each person beginning to fall asleep.

They looked at me like I had lost my mind for even suggesting such a thing.

“The thing we are afraid of is real. Can’t you see that?”, they seemed to say.

These girls were not hanging out in dark scary rooms.

As a matter of fact, the sleepover had a glow-in-the dark theme.

The girls were surrounded by light.

They slept in a sea of glow sticks and glow balloons, yet all they could think of was the darkness.

Have you ever noticed how emotion spreads through a group like wildfire?

One person gets scared, then fear spreads.

You talk to a negative person enough and suddenly you can see flaws in others you never saw before.

You get swept away in what appears to be real.

After all, if most of the group is feeling it maybe you are the crazy one.


Is it wrong to share your feelings with friends?

Should you just walk around with a plastic smile?

Of course not.

Emotion isn’t bad at all, but accepting the emotion as the complete reality you are living in is dangerous.

It’s like being in a dark room full of those glow sticks yet never seeing the light all around you.

Have you ever noticed that glow sticks don’t last forever?

Eventually they just burn out.

You can’t create your own light.

I can’t either.

That’s why we need the light of God in our life.

We have to spend enough time in God’s word, that His word becomes the last word to resonate in our hearts when we feel the darkness closing in.

If we don’t keep returning to Him our light won’t stay lit.

We will burn out.

We will break down.

We will give in to whatever emotions we create and feed off the emotions of others.

Emotions aren’t wrong, but they aren’t always reality either.

That’s why our group of friends is so important.

The good ones will call you on your crazy and allow you to call them on theirs.

We all need people in our lives to tell us like it is with their mouths while they point us to God with their fingers.

Choose your friends wisely.

They will become the climate you acclimate to.

You will become like the people you are around.

Remember friend, they will also become like you.

The girls in our home may have been a little scared last night, but they woke up this morning laughing, loving and hugging.

Sorrow may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning!

Real friends will walk with you through both seasons.

If you have the kind of friends who encourage you, who point you to Jesus and aren’t afraid to call you on your crazy, give them a little shout out in the comment section below these words.

Tell us what you love about them and why.

Share this blog post on Facebook and tag them.

Good friends are hard to find.

Let’s thank God for them today!


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You Won’t Be Sorry

“I’m sorry I took up so much of your time.”

“I’m sorry I talked so much.”

“This is probably a silly idea…”

“I probably shouldn’t be so…”

So much time is spent apologizing.

Just think of the people you have been around this week.

How often have you heard the words, “I’m sorry”?

How often have you said them?

Why do you apologize for who you are?

Why do I?

What are you really doing when you apologize?

You, my friend, are buying into the big lie.

The one that says you aren’t enough.

The one that says you are too much.

The voice in your head that says you must tone it down or crank it up.

The one that says you aren’t okay.

So you strive to fit in.

You take some of you and cram it in the corner.

You take the light, the essence of who you are and you cover it.

If people lifted the veil, they wouldn’t like what they see, you tell yourself.

Right now, right here, let me rip that veil and expose the lie.

The one that keeps you from being you.

The one that holds you back.

Funny thing, that lie isn’t really about you at all.

It’s more about God.

When you hide or change, you are really saying you want to hide or change the God who made you.

He didn’t make you to be enough.

He made you to be too much.

He must have messed up because you aren’t perfect.

Most lies have a hint of truth to them.

This one is no exception.

You see, friend, if you were enough Jesus would not have had to die for you.

That part is true.

Listen closely.

Stop thinking about all the things you have to do today and dwell on this.

Jesus in you.

Jesus shining through your weakness is enough.

He will work in you.

He will work through you, but to allow Him to do it, you must pull those hidden parts from the corner and bring them out into the world.

Don’t be afraid of who you are.

Your boldness may just speak what needs to be heard.

Your quietness may bring calm to a situation that’s getting out of control.

Your vision may help others to see.

Your faith may bring others courage.

Your words may speak straight to a discouraged heart.

He made you that way.

Don’t be sorry!

He is making you everyday.

Shaping you in His image, to do His will.

His perfect, pleasing, good will is working in you right now.

Will you let it shine?

Will you stop apologizing and shoving parts of yourself into that corner?

You don’t belong there.

Jesus certainly doesn’t belong there.

Be beautiful you.


Someone needs what you have today.

Even when you think you bring nothing, when God is working through you, you are always bringing something.

Be a light bringer.

Today, encourage others to just be themselves, by just being yourself.





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Today I think I’ll begin my life of crime.


Yep, you heard right.

Today, I’m changing who I am.

I’m going to be a thief.

I’m going to steal everything I can.

I won’t regret it one bit!

I’m not looking back.

I’m just doing it.

Look out world!


You see, I’m stuck.

Caught up in a difficult situation.

There’s really no way out, so I’m desperate.

The way I see it, I have only one of two choices.

When something hard to go through comes my way, I can either let it rob me or I can rob it.


I’m done with hard times stealing my joy.

I’m stealing it back!

I’m giving them straight to Jesus.


I’m done with a negative attitude.

I’m stealing those thoughts and words.

I am stealing every opportunity this blessing in ugly wrapping paper provides.


I’m choosing a life on the run.

I’ll run away from things that easily tangle me up.

No more giving temptation a second glance.


I’m running off with the treasures inside that ugly paper.

I’ll take what I’m learning and use it.


Even better, I think I’ll become a Robin Hood.

I’ll take the things I learn:

my new attitude,

lips of praise

and a heart of gratitude.

I’ll give them away!

I will give thanks in every circumstance, even the hard ones.

Especially the hard ones.


What caused this life change?

Well, that’s simple.


I just read The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom.

While she and her sisters were prisoners in a concentration camp, they gave thanks for the fleas.


Wait a second….



I was shocked.

Now I love Jesus, but really why on earth would I thank Him for fleas?

I’m more of a “Take the fleas away” prayer kinda girl.

But you know what I found out as I turned the page of her book one day?

The group of women Corrie lived with at the camp had prayer time and bible study right there in their living quarters everyday, undisturbed by Nazi guards.


Now how could that be possible?

Enter the fleas…

In the midst of a living hell, heaven came!

The guards wouldn’t come anywhere close to them all because of those darn fleas!

Somehow I will never look at life the same way again.

I’m a changed woman!

I’m a blessed woman!

One who is deeply loved by a God I can’t begin to understand!
So pretty soon you may see me on America’s Most Wanted.

That’s my hope anyway.

I want people to want what I have.

I want a crime family.

Led by the one and only God-the-Father.

I want to be filled with God’s light, His life and His love in every circumstance.

Truth is God has provided everything I need for my happiness.

That is called contentment, my friend.

So won’t you join me in a life of crime?

“Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.” Hebrews 10:23

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When It’s Hard to Work with Others…

God knit you together.

He wove you into the fabric of time.

Stitch by stitch.

In this time.

In this place.

He’s knitting you now.

Wrap your worried heart around the needle of His love.

Let His hands gently guide your movement.

Yesterday may hold some regret.

But today, Dear One,  today holds promise.

The promise of His love.

Look around you.

Take a moment.

Take a breath.

See the beauty.

He’s working.

In the ugly, too.

He’s there.

Even when it hurts.

He isn’t walking beside you.

He is living in you.

He’s in there.

Deep in your heart, doing something new.

He’s weaving you together with others.

Don’t fight it.

When yarn isn’t wrapped around a needle, it becomes an unraveled mess.

Work with those He has placed around you.

Even if their color is too vibrant or their texture is too rough.

Together He will use you.

You will be a blanket of His love, desperately needed to fight the chill of this cold world.

Someone needs that warmth today, Dear One.

Yarn doesn’t know a thing about what it is becoming.

It holds no answers.

It simply yields itself to the hands of its maker.

So it is with, you today, Dear One.

Don’t fight what God is doing in your life.

Join Him.



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A Conversation With Satan


1) When Satan calls you a wreck (or any other name), tell him “My name is Whole”.

2) When He says you will always addicted, tell him he is right “I am and always will be addicted to the love, grace and mercy of God”.

3) When you feel beat up in this world, tell the world that God already beat this world through the beating and death of His son.

Tell the world because of His death you have life.

Ask them if they want it, too.

Pray for your enemies.

4) When Satan tells you no one cares. Ask him,”Why are you bothering me if my life holds no power?”

5) When he tells you that you can’t do this, tell him he’s right about that, too.

“I can’t. Christ in me can and will and does and is! “

“No power can separate me from My God.”

“His love is better than super glue.”

“I’m bonded to it forever.”

“I belong to Him.”

6) When Satan tries to make you doubt, say “I was wondering when you would get around to that.”

“The moment doubt enters my heart is the moment that God uses it to make my faith stronger.”

“You see, God isn’t afraid of a doubting heart.”

“In fact, He loves to meet me there.”

“Doubt grows me up.”

“It turns me into a Truth Hunter.”

“Guess what that does Satan?”

“It makes me realize the lies I believe.”

So, Father of Lies, thank you for the gift of doubt in the life of a believer.

You may be free to mess with this world now, but the eviction notice will come soon.

I think I will go ahead and throw that stuff you gave me out on the lawn.

I don’t need it anymore.

Your days are numbered, but you see mine have just begun.


Encouragement for the Hurting Heart

God's Girl

You are special.

You are loved.

You are meant for more.

You really are.

I know you have heard it all before, but that doesn’t make it any less true!

There is a beautiful purpose for your life.

You were created with that purpose in mind.

It’s a great purpose.

One that fits you exactly.

I can’t fulfill your purpose.

Only you can.

Don’t compare yourself.

You are beyond comparison.

One of a kind.

You are like a puzzle piece.

Without you there is something missing.

You are needed.

This world is a better place when you give of yourself.

It suffers without your presence.

I have no idea what you have been through.

I do know that what you have been through doesn’t make you who you are.

You hold your story in your hands.

(photo courtesy of Huffington Post)

The book you hold isn’t complete.

You have a…

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The Bridge

I recently read about a 22 year-old woman who decided to bungee jump from the Victoria Falls Bridge in Africa.

Erin Longworthy was looking for the thrill of a lifetime.

I believe she got it.

She was 365 feet above the Zambesi River when her cord snapped suddenly dropping her to the crocodile infested waters below.

Somehow she was able to swim safely to the banks with a broken collar bone and her legs tied together.

”You get sucked under and then you pop up, so it’s very disorienting – – I didn’t know which way was up or down.”

Erin said her trailing cord would repeatedly snag, so she “had to swim down and yank the bungee cord out of whatever it was caught on to make it to the surface.” (www.foxnews.com)
You may not think you could ever relate this woman.

You can.

I can, too.

Our cord has snapped….you and me.

We have fallen.

From the moment Adam fell, we have lived in a world of sin.

A world that can suck us under leaving us disoriented and confused.

The truth is twisted in this place we inhabit.

It’s not easy to know which way is up and which way is down.

Confusion abounds and threatens to take us down into the murky depths of dark lies.

(Photo courtesy of businessinsider.com)

We try to unsnag ourselves, but we quickly find we can’t do it on our own.

We see the banks of safety and stability.

We recognize the solid ground.

We just can’t get there.

It’s a daunting task.

The task of a savior.

That is why Jesus had to come.

I hear people say, “God helps those who help themselves.”

I can’t save myself.

He had to help me.

He took our place long before we even knew we needed help.

That’s why you don’t have to fear today, Dear One.

That’s why tomorrow doesn’t have to be so scary.


God loved us so much that he gave his only son, so we wouldn’t get eaten up by our enemy in the murky waters of life.

He became the living water, so that we could drink in his truth and be nourished by it.

He became the bridge because he knew we could never find our way alone.


So today and every day of my life I will cry out to him knowing that he has saved me.

He is my bridge over troubled waters!

Why should I be afraid?

He saved me before I knew I needed saving.

He can save you to.

Only problem is you have to want to be rescued.

You have to stretch out your arm and let go of that need to save yourself.

Stop thrashing around in murky waters!

When I “gave my heart” to Jesus it wasn’t a one time deal.

When you ask God to come into your life that’s when he rescues you, but that isn’t all there is.

Every day I  have to give my heart to him over and over again.

This is the only thing that keeps me afloat.

God wants us to do more than just stay afloat…me and you.

He wants more than survival for those He loves.

He wants you to thrive….to love like you have never loved before…to live swimming deep in the vast ocean of His love.

He wants you to return to Him each day to swim in that love.

He also wants us to walk with others on the land, to speak to them about what we find in the deep.

When you find treasure, why bury it?

Tell the world about His love.


Today, Dear One, what’s on your mind as you read this?

Please comment and tell me your thoughts below.



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