God's Girl

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Encouragement for the Hurting Heart

on July 6, 2014

God's Girl

You are special.

You are loved.

You are meant for more.

You really are.

I know you have heard it all before, but that doesn’t make it any less true!

There is a beautiful purpose for your life.

You were created with that purpose in mind.

It’s a great purpose.

One that fits you exactly.

I can’t fulfill your purpose.

Only you can.

Don’t compare yourself.

You are beyond comparison.

One of a kind.

You are like a puzzle piece.

Without you there is something missing.

You are needed.

This world is a better place when you give of yourself.

It suffers without your presence.

I have no idea what you have been through.

I do know that what you have been through doesn’t make you who you are.

You hold your story in your hands.

(photo courtesy of Huffington Post)

The book you hold isn’t complete.

You have a…

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