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A Conversation With Satan

on July 8, 2014


1) When Satan calls you a wreck (or any other name), tell him “My name is Whole”.

2) When He says you will always addicted, tell him he is right “I am and always will be addicted to the love, grace and mercy of God”.

3) When you feel beat up in this world, tell the world that God already beat this world through the beating and death of His son.

Tell the world because of His death you have life.

Ask them if they want it, too.

Pray for your enemies.

4) When Satan tells you no one cares. Ask him,”Why are you bothering me if my life holds no power?”

5) When he tells you that you can’t do this, tell him he’s right about that, too.

“I can’t. Christ in me can and will and does and is! “

“No power can separate me from My God.”

“His love is better than super glue.”

“I’m bonded to it forever.”

“I belong to Him.”

6) When Satan tries to make you doubt, say “I was wondering when you would get around to that.”

“The moment doubt enters my heart is the moment that God uses it to make my faith stronger.”

“You see, God isn’t afraid of a doubting heart.”

“In fact, He loves to meet me there.”

“Doubt grows me up.”

“It turns me into a Truth Hunter.”

“Guess what that does Satan?”

“It makes me realize the lies I believe.”

So, Father of Lies, thank you for the gift of doubt in the life of a believer.

You may be free to mess with this world now, but the eviction notice will come soon.

I think I will go ahead and throw that stuff you gave me out on the lawn.

I don’t need it anymore.

Your days are numbered, but you see mine have just begun.


2 responses to “A Conversation With Satan

  1. briansgonewild says:

    I really like number 4!!!!!!!

  2. apdawn2000 says:

    briansgonewild, that’s my favorite, too!

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