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When It’s Hard to Work with Others…

on July 9, 2014

God knit you together.

He wove you into the fabric of time.

Stitch by stitch.

In this time.

In this place.

He’s knitting you now.

Wrap your worried heart around the needle of His love.

Let His hands gently guide your movement.

Yesterday may hold some regret.

But today, Dear One,  today holds promise.

The promise of His love.

Look around you.

Take a moment.

Take a breath.

See the beauty.

He’s working.

In the ugly, too.

He’s there.

Even when it hurts.

He isn’t walking beside you.

He is living in you.

He’s in there.

Deep in your heart, doing something new.

He’s weaving you together with others.

Don’t fight it.

When yarn isn’t wrapped around a needle, it becomes an unraveled mess.

Work with those He has placed around you.

Even if their color is too vibrant or their texture is too rough.

Together He will use you.

You will be a blanket of His love, desperately needed to fight the chill of this cold world.

Someone needs that warmth today, Dear One.

Yarn doesn’t know a thing about what it is becoming.

It holds no answers.

It simply yields itself to the hands of its maker.

So it is with, you today, Dear One.

Don’t fight what God is doing in your life.

Join Him.




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