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Back To School Part Two: The Tale of a Christian Under Fire

on August 12, 2014


Last week on the God’s Girl blog I talked about what it’s like to be a new Christian.
It’s like opening a new box of crayons.
Ready to be used.
But, the Christian life isn’t sunshine and roses all the time.


Things in life can and will break you.

After a while your box of crayons contains broken pieces.

I talked about how God can and will use your brokenness.

Today, I will be talking about what happens when you are a Christian under fire.


Have you ever felt mistreated for what you believe?

Maybe someone spread something that wasn’t true about you.

No one bothered to check the facts.

Their fiction became your public story.


Have you ever been misunderstood?

If you are a Christian you must hate gay people.

People think they know you by the label you wear.

Christians are known for what they stand against more than what they stand for.

You must be a hypocrite.


I talked about not feeling like I truly belonged with non-Christians or  Christians.

I was fourteen when I asked Jesus to take over my heart.

Fourteen was a confusing time.

I wanted to belong to every group.

I just wanted to be liked and feel like I fit in everywhere.


As I matured, I began to find people who were serious about what they believed and real about what they faced.

I wasn’t the only broken pack of crayons.

There were others who were pretty broken and loved Jesus, too.

We banded together through some hard times.

God used the heat in our lives to melt us and mold us together.

You know what happens when God does that?

Have you ever taken broken crayons and baked them together in a muffin tin?

They become one big rainbow crayon.

I loved playing with these as kid.

I could make instant rainbows!


The mega-rainbow crayon doesn’t break easily, either!

I remember trying to break those suckers.

It definitely wasn’t as easy as a single crayon.


That’s what happens when you find good friends who will stand by you when the heat turns up a notch or you find yourself in a blazing inferno.

You become stronger together.

You learn to appreciate the differences you have.

You may be purple.

Your friends may be blue, green, yellow and red.

When you get together something way more beautiful than the one color you have to offer comes out.

A crayon block of many colors isn’t easily broken when God presses and molds it together.

Sometimes these are the friendships you never saw coming.

They are forged in the fire.

Friends who will pray for you and with you.

Friends who will do a happy dance when you succeed and hug you when you fail.

The kind who love you for you, even on your ugly days.

These are the best kind of forever friends because your relationships will never end.

You’ll be praising God together, laughing, loving and living at His throne here and in heaven.

Today, take a moment to pray for your friends.

Tell them you did.

If you don’t have these kind of friends, ask God for them, then put yourself out there.

Don’t be afraid!

He loves to give good gifts to His children.







2 responses to “Back To School Part Two: The Tale of a Christian Under Fire

  1. Debra Rogers says:

    Beautiful April. I needed to hear this today ! You are so gifted by God , He is using you and stretching you in amazing ways! Blessings!!!

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