God's Girl

Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary


DSC_9376  Welcome! I’m so glad you came.

“Come right on in!”, as us Texas girls like to say.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee, pull up a seat on the couch.

Let’s chat.

What does it mean to be a God’s girl?

I will tell you, I am nothing extraordinary, but I serve a God who is!

I am chasing Him.

Finding Him in the ordinary things in life.

My name is April. I’m a proud retired army wife, momma, and Jesus lover.

I homeschool our two children (something I never saw myself doing by the way).

I’m working on a book.

I’ve experienced lots of things in life.

Traveled lots of places.

Yep, I don’t think God endorses boredom or comfort too much!

So enough about me.

Leave a few comments and tell me a bit about you.


I'd love to hear your opinion on today's topic! Comment below. I want to hear from you.

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