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Finding Easter

My family and I were sitting around the table after enjoying our Easter meal together.

My parents were visiting from out of town.

The kids were in the backyard jumping on the trampoline.

Suddenly, we heard a noise.

“She started it!”, my son burst through the door to defend himself.

We all laughed.

My daughter had come inside a few moments before to get a drink.

She had not said a word about her brother.

He was ready to defend himself when he needed no defense.

It’s easy to get a little overly defensive when we have a guilty conscience, isn’t it?

We know we are to blame.

But who really wants to fess up?


When Eve took the fruit from the tree and ate it,

Did she run to God and say, “Hey, I really messed up.” ?


There was a lot of pointing of fingers that day.

Trouble was no one was pointing it back at themselves.

God, said no.

Satan said, “Are you sure?”

Eve said, “Well, maybe it’s okay.

She rationalized her sin.

“Just this one time.”

“No one will notice.”

“God is holding out on me.”

“It will only affect me anyway.”

Truth is we started it.

A cycle of sin that breaks God’s heart.

A cycle that begins with broken relationships.

Broken families.

Broken hearts.

A broken world.

All in one moment.

That’s all it took.

That’s all it takes.

We started it, but thank goodness we didn’t finish it.

God sent his son to earth.

At his birth we found him wrapped in linens in a humble stable.

At his death we found him wrapped in linens in a tomb.

On the third day, we didn’t find Him at all.

That is the wonder of Easter my friends.

We picked the fight, but Jesus died to finish it.

He took on the school yard bully that we had picked a fight with, and He won.

Now, there is no power in earth or heaven that can separate us from the love of Christ.

Think of a reason why God can’t love you.

Think of a reason why he won’t accept you.

There is none.

Not one thing can make God go away.

Well, one thing can.

What is that one thing?


You can choose not to invite Him in when he knocks on your door.

You can.

But, why would you?

Easter eggs hide.

That’s just what they do.

But, their true purpose is to be found and enjoyed by their creator.








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