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How to Thrive in May

May is a busy time.



Kids with Spring Fever.



Wedding plans.


Vacations to plan.

Bills due.

Sports to attend.

The list goes on and on.

And that’s just the expected stuff!

Add the unexpected to the month of May and it can become a toxic mix of tiredness, stress, and negativity.

The tough thing about the unexpected is that it’s just so darn, well…unexpected!

How do you stay sane when people let you down, schedules overwhelm and life just feels like it’s crowding in on you?

I am not an organizational guru.

If you are looking for a organizational tips, you got the wrong blog!

This is all about controlling  the junk that creeps into my mind during busy seasons.

My notepad on my cell phone is my best buddy when I’m letting negative thoughts invade.

I keep a few simple lists on my phone’s notepad.

1) My thankful list.

Each day I think of a few things to be thankful for. Sounds simple? It is. The key to this is to find very specific things about each day. I get past the usual and look a little deeper. Sometimes not deep at all…just the obvious stuff around me I never notice. The stuff I take for granted. The kinda stuff that makes the everyday beautiful when you think about it. Little everyday miracles.

We went to a ball game last week. I thanked God for the smell of fresh popcorn and singing “Take Me Out to The Ballgame” with thousands of people. I thanked God for the sweet old couple caught by the “Kiss Cam”. That couple reminded me that love can and does last.

2) My “what I love about you” list.

I make one of these for each member of my family. My husband and each child have a list devoted to them. When I have one of those “Wow, this person is just awesome!” moment, I add it to my list. When my kids won’t listen or my husband frustrates me, I take a peek. This helps so much. It takes the wind out of those times when I just want to say, “I’m done”.

3) My new list. (The one I haven’t started yet.)

This will be my “What I Love About Me” list. I’m not going to lie, something about this feels, just…well..AWKWARD. That’s okay. If I feel the freedom to put myself down. If I can say negative things to myself, why can’t I combat them with the positive?

I can’t trust my thoughts to be reality because they aren’t.

Using these lists lets me take a look at these thoughts for a moment.

It reminds me that some are just plain toxic and should not be invited in.

You wouldn’t let your computer go unprotected would you?

How much more important is it to get rid of the stuff that starts “viruses” in your brain that can destroy the precious things in your life?

Now it’s your turn.

What do you think of making lists like this?

What is a healthy thing you do to stay sane?

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