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The Door

on May 7, 2014


Tonight my husband and I decided to watch “Saving Mr. Banks”.

We had heard that the content was not very kid friendly, so we warned the kids not to come in the living room while we watched the movie.

While we were watching our son walked through the room to get something from the kitchen.

He had the eye closest to the t.v. closed and the other eye open as he bolted through the room.

This was his version of making sure not to watch!

My husband and I both laughed.

We were amazed that he didn’t bump into something!

We told him, “just let us know when you need something and we will pause the movie for you, next time, Buddy.”
This reminds me of the times God has told me to stay away from something.

I guess there is a rebellious teen hidden in me somewhere that says, “I will only do it a little bit. What does it really hurt?”

The only problem with that type of thinking is I can’t just sin “a little”.

Sin is sin.

If you tell your child not to do something, will they get very far if they tell you, “I only did it a little bit”?

Of course, not!

Your child either obeys you or disobeys you.

You still love your child, but disobedience has its consequences.

It puts a strain on relationship with that child.

Suddenly doubt has been introduced into the relationship.

The child begins by doubting that the parent is really good.

The parent begins to doubt the child.

Questions form on both sides.

Questions like, “Can I really trust what this person says to be true?”
This is what also happens in my relationship with God.

I don’t just begin to doubt Him in the one area I disobeyed Him in, I begin to slowly, subtly doubt Him in every area.

I lose trust in Him.

I slowly pull away.

This is especially true when the sin I become involved in doesn’t seem to hurt me or anyone else.

Would you drink a drink with just “a little” poison in it?

Would you tell yourself, it may not hurt me too much?

That line of thinking would be just plain silly!

Sin is poison!

I may not “feel” it’s affects, but the effects are there.

If the poison doesn’t kill you quickly, it will do the job slowly.

Not only will I begin to doubt my relationship with God, I will begin to doubt those closest to me.


When I hide something, I begin to think others are hiding something, too.

Suddenly, that sin that seemed so harmless at the time has poisoned my mind, my relationship with God and my relationship with others.

Sin always comes with a price tag.

That’s exactly why Jesus had to come.

He paid the price for me.

He paid the price for ALL my sin.

Now, I don’t have to worry about being separated from God’s love because of what he did for me.

Nothing can separate me from God’s love, but I can choose to separate myself.

I have found that often after my children have disobeyed, they choose to be alone.

They will become angry and shut the door while they sulk inside their room.

I know I do the same to God at times.

I shut off the relationship because I begin to think that God is holding out on me or being unfair.

I wall myself off, then I begin to wonder why I can’t hear Him speak.

I wonder why I don’t see Him move.

Could it be because I refuse to open the door in our relationship?

I refuse to look clearly at my sin, call it what it is and ask God to forgive me.

Instead I keep the door closed, while yelling from the other side, “Why won’t you hear me?”

God’s love is always there for you and for me.

Would a God who doesn’t want relationship with me choose to send his son to die for me?

Think about that for a moment.

Really think.

Why would God send His son to die for you, if He didn’t want relationship with you?

It’s my choice.

It’s yours, too.

Open the door.

Trust me friend, He will be there waiting with arms open wide and a deeper love than you can comprehend.

I am nothing but an imperfect person loved by a perfect God.

I’m a just a girl who falls deeper and deeper in love everyday with a God that sent His son to open the door for me.

I’m so glad He never shuts that door.

Father, help me keep the door open to all that you have for me today.



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