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3 Surprising Reasons to Budget

on June 18, 2014

We all know we should budget.


Why don’t we?

Yes, I know this is one of those questions, like “why doesn’t a child eat his green vegetables?”

 It’s not fun to budget.

Who really says, “Oh, yay! Honey, I know the perfect way to have fun tonight! Let’s pay the bills and track our money. Woo, hoo!”

If you know these people, please do me a favor and slap them for me!

They are not normal.

I have done the Dave Ramsey thing. It’s great. “Live like no one else, so you can live like no one else” has been my personal mantra many times. I love this idea, but truth be told I’m an instant gratification kinda girl. I have NO patience…at…all.

“By the way, did you see that great sale?”

Who cares if I actually have the money, I saved money…right?

Here are three reasons you should “Budge-It” your money before it “budges” you:

1) Your relationship with God.

I didn’t budget.

Where did the money go?

“God isn’t providing for me.”

“He must not really care about my needs.”

“The car broke down.”

“It’s the most expensive part.”

“It must be replaced today.”

“God, where are YOU??? Arghhh!”

Not only does your car break down, you do too!

Not that God, doesn’t do all kinds of miracles and provide in all kinds of ways.

He does.

He also gives us guidelines for living throughout the bible that help prevent many financial crises.

2) Your relationship with others.

Scenario #1: The Blame Game

“What happened to the money?”

“I’m broke.”

“We will never have any money.”

“________ spends it all.”

(“It couldn’t have been me after all?”)

End of this scenario: Relationship problems with ________. Yelling. Fighting. UG…LI…NESS!

Scenario #2: The Unaccepted Invite or The Great Mastercard Handover

Friend(s): “Let’s go do ______.”

You: ” Umm…sorry… can’t go.”  (or I can go, but this one is gonna have to be on the Mastercard.)

This scenario also ends badly.

If you don’t go: Friends may feel brushed off. You miss opportunity. Who knows what that opportunity might be? The chance for you to provide a listening ear or maybe have the moment that becomes the inside joke you’ll be laughing about for a long time to come.

If you do: That Mastercard has just mastered you. You may have just created that inside joke together, but when you get the bill you won’t be laughing for a long time to come!

3) Your relationship with yourself.

Budgeting money can be a fantastic way to avoid temptation. Lots of temptations involve things we can buy. Can you think of a few?

If I make a plan for my money and that plan does not include much room for the things that tempt me, it will be easier not to give in to temptation. Notice I did not say it would be easy. I remember being told a zillion times, that if I am tempted God will provide a way out. Could it be that following what he says to do with my money in the first place, might put a plan in place to create that “way out”?

Suddenly, those “Twinkies” don’t look quite as good, when you know you are taking money away from something else you had planned.

How can you use money  as a tool to achieve your goals right now:






Keep money in perspective. It is a tool. It isn’t security. Only God can give you a solid foundation worth standing on. Have you ever tried to stand on a hammer? Chances are, you will fall!


2 responses to “3 Surprising Reasons to Budget

  1. Very true and great examples! I think a great place to start is with being GRATEFUL. When we are grateful for what we have already, it seems silly to “want” more and spend more.

    If you are grateful for your comfy Nike running shoes, do you really need to buy another new pair? If you are grateful for the lovely jewelry you have now, why would you want to spend on a new necklace?

    The truth is, we love what we have more, when we have less. 🙂

    Look forward to seeing you soon on


    Please bear with me as we just launched the site last night 🙂


    • apdawn2000 says:

      Absolutely! Gratefulness is so important! I also try to remember to pray before I go into a store. I ask God to help me make wise decisions and thank him for everything He has given us.

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